New Single "MAGIC" 5.19.17

So excited to announce I’m releasing the 1st single from my new album, called "Magic". On May 19th "Magic" will be available everywhere you stream or buy digital music. It’s the first look at a brand new album coming later this year that I am currently putting all the finishing touches on. (Full story below cover art)

Story behind the song MAGIC:

While working on my new record, I decided to mix things up and write with people who had different influences than me. That said, one of my main writing partners, Mary Hooper, and I set off to L.A. to take some fresh co-writing sessions. We were paired to write with two members ofSuperCookies production team in LA. We met up in Sherman Oaks at a studio with an outdoor basketball court. We immediately hit it off with Wesley and Taylor and had a song written and scratch vocal tracked in one day.  As we'd just met in the session and were talking, Taylor was playing this sweet bass line under a beat that Wesley was messing with. We kind of all stopped talking and I just starting singing melodies over it. “Magic" mixes my throwback, their modern hip hop, and Mary’s sweetly-penned lyrics. Most people know Ty from his work with Dolla Sign and Wes from their work with Kendrick Lamar.  Can't wait to share what we made May 19th!