New Single "Wild Nights" is Here




#WILDNIGHTS the 3rd single from my upcoming Helen of Memphis full album is here! 

I wrote this one with @ToferBrown in Nashville. The title I guess is a little misleading because I think it could sound like a party song:). Turns out its super chill vibe…kind of… Richard Rohr writes, “If you don’t transform your suffering you will transmit it. You’ll transmit it to your friends, your neighbors, your loved ones.” This song was written at a time when I decided to face some personal ghosts head on. I was starting on a personal emotional / spiritual renovation of sorts. I wanted to be more whole so I would be a healthier person to myself and the people I live life with.  This process looked more like I was limping through an unending dark jungle.… but I looked around and there were good people around me helping get through it all. The song is written from the voice of the person who is timely there, helping you pick up the pieces, and make it through the unending dark nights. I obviously don’t have it all figured out yet, but this song talks about the process.

 As far as producing, I had the privilege  to work with @Ruslan.Odnoralov, @JulieOdnoralov on the bass, and Claudio Cueni (Santigold, Eminem, etc)  mixed it, Joe Palmaccio mastered. Also for those of you who have asked, Yes we are creating a Helen of Memphis Tour Experience. Come see us at the dates below!! Check out for ticket gathering.



Sept 18 - #Seattle - Crocodile 

Sept 19 - #Portland- Hawthorne Theater Lounge

Sept 21 - #Sacramento - Crest Theater

Sept 22 - #Reno - Grand Theater

Oct 22 - #Cologne, Germany  - Blue Shell

Oct 23 - #Neunkirchen - Stummsche Reithalle 

Oct 24 - #Munich - Backstage