Wild Desire OUT NOW!

Sugar Wild Desire

When Sugar + The Hi-Lows joined the Nashville Ballet to perform a few Johnny Cash songs earlier this year, they planned on releasing an album shortly after. An unexpected hiccup in the process led to the songs becoming irretrievable, leaving the duo with only the raw recordings from the project. The result - the seven-track release of Wild Desire (Live Sessions) available on iTunes® beginning July 22. These live raw recordings, as Dabbs light-heartedly describes it, are 'just what Cash must have wanted' and include favorites such as "God's Gonna Cut You Down," "Hurt" and "I Walk The Line." Fans received an exclusive preview of Wild Desire on Southern Living last week. Sugar + The Hi-Lows were also listed on Southern Living's The Daily South as "5 Things You Need to Know in the South Right Now."