Ten Out of Tenn RYMAN SHOW, APRIL 24th

Direct from Andrew Belle my tour buddies mouth: I wanted to let you know that on April 24th I’ll be joining my friends from Ten out of Tenn again for a very special 10 year anniversary show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN.For those of you unfamiliar with TOT, we are a group of singer-songwriters that periodically come together to create a collaborative show and then take it out on the road for a few weeks to share with our collective audiences. The way it works is each of us gets to perform two of our own songs, while the other 9 play in the band behind - so it becomes one big, loud, eclectic experience. What makes this concept so special is that even though we are all forging our own version of what it means to be a singer-songwriter today, everyone has a unique and special skill set that they contribute to the group. Songs are performed with all of the production nuances that we wrote into our records and because we all respect each other's music so much, the show has a genuine, infectious quality to it that has yet to be replicated anywhere that I've seen. To be considered a peer among such wonderful talent is a true joy and has been one of the highlights of my career. I hope that you can join us for a very special night in Nashville. You can find more info and tickets here.