New Song "SAILBOAT" 9.12.19

Last summer, Mary sent me a podcast of Oprah interviewing Barbara Brown Taylor on her latest book “Learning to Walk in the Dark”. They were discussing the idea about how in life we are sort of ushered onto a train that will take us to point a, b, and c. She said something along the lines that she has always felt more like she was on a sailboat. Everyday we work on adjusting to winds, checking the currents, see what people can help you navigate, and not necessarily arriving to a certain destination. I texted Mary and said, “Sailboat, we haven’t to write that song.” So the next LA trip, we presented the idea to Rob Kleiner and he loved it and helped us make a beauty of a song.

“Sailboat” is for people like me that haven’t quite figured it all out yet, but can’t help resist the status quo to chase living in the most whole-hearted way we possibly can muster.

If we are meant for sailboats, why are we getting on trains?