'Alas We Aspire' featured on Smallville

Alas We Aspire featured on SMALLVILLE. SMALLVILLE fans, This Friday night 'ALAS WE ASPIRE' the first track off of Session Three will be featured on an all new episode of. Check out the CW's Smallville at 8/7c this Friday February 25th and catch the song. We just created another iPhone video for youtube for the song . And last but not least, Pretty Little Liar fans be sure to watch the season finale (we know you will) and hear 'Backed into the Corner'. What is your favorite Amy Stroup song moment on a tv show so far?

Alas We Aspire

Upcoming Live

Amy Stroup / Trent Dabbs March 10th at 8PM Harry's Coffeeshop at Samford University Birmingham, AL

We are currently putting together some fresh road dates to support the upcoming summer release and will be announcing new dates soon. Where should we go?

Session Three is out on iTUNES

The Other Side of Love Session Three has just released on iTUNES for only 5.94. Session Three features ' Backed into the Corner'  as heard on the Grey's Anatomy Season premier as well as 'Just You' as heard on eHarmony &  ' Quiet Hearts' as heard on the season Wal-mart  commerical. Be sure to grab the third and final of the small series of albums Amy Stroup is releasing. A hardcopy will be released in stores this summer with a compilation of all the sessions, and possibly a Vinyl release. Would you be in for a vinyl copy?

Redeeming Love features friends from the Front Porch Milkglass, Yeah Yeah Creative, & Front Porch Ministry in East Nashville recently joined forces to release a music video to support Redeeming Love featured on The Other Side of Love Session Three. On a frigid January day with banjos, sparklers, ukekle, mittens and more we teamed up with the kids involved with the Front Porch program and shot a fun loving video to capture the essence of the song. Its currently up on Youtube and vimeo. Check out Amystroup.com to access the link and spread the cheer to your friends! How cool is that?

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