FREE of ME { New Single + New Video}

Watch FREE OF ME via Youtube { } For ABC's show  Revenge I was asked to write to create a song with the show's composer IZLER that would integrate the musical score and give voice to the perspective of the main character of the show Emily.  I flew out to LA watched the show's pilot with the producer and creator of the show. I flew back to Nashville and got to work writing some song for the theme.   After I had a bundle of good ideas I flew back out to LA and co-wrote ' Not What You Were Thinking' with IZLER.  We tracked  the song and cut strings with the show's orchestra. ABC released the song on iTunes. From the Revenge  music supervisor…“We all loved our score theme for Emily, and also loved the idea of giving her character a voice through interesting haunting vocals. Our composer, iZLER, was instantly on board with the idea of using his theme to write an original song. We were on the hunt for an unsigned artist with amazing songwriting skills, and Amy was at the top of the list. She came to ABC and put on an amazing showcase for myself, iZLER and the ABC music team. After iZLER and Amy met, we all knew it was a great fit. They worked together at iZLER’s studio and back and forth in LA to Amy’s studio in Nashville. We are all so happy about the collaboration – and hope to do more of it!” –S. Kent from ABCMusic

I personally was so inspired by the story and the project that I ended up writing 2 other songs that summer in the same spirit. The song ' Sabotage' and " Free of Me' were inspired by themes from Revenge as well, and have been placed on other ABC Family shows such as Pretty Little Liars.  We just released FREE OF ME as a single on iTunes and I created a very hand made music video from shots via my iphone's 8mm app from travels to Guatemala, Gulf Shores, Nashville, and more. Warning it is pretty chaotic, like the song...:) LOOK FOR THE NEW SINGLE ON ITUNES JULY 31st!