EL TOPAZ TOURGreetings! I am hitting the road with the Nashville based indie-band NEULORE for the EL TOPAZ TOUR. We are hitting colleges, festivals and venues in Kansas, Texas, and Tennessee. Why El Topaz? Because its the Texas state stone & November's Gem! .....It's sure to be a Gem of a tour! Below are the dates, of course more ticket information and times are online at amystroup.com. Would love to see you out at the shows.

Thursday, November 10th Franks on Colorado Ave AUSTIN, TX 1oPM $7 door

Friday, November 10PM ROCK THE REPUBLIC FESTIVAL Village Stage Texas A&M 10PM BRYAN, TX

Saturday, November 12 - 7PM Monk's Coffee Shop ABILENE, TX $7

Sunday,  November 13 / 7PM The Prophet Bar DALLAS, TX $10

Monday, November 14th 11-1PM Anthropologie In store performance HIGHLAND PARK, TX Free

Tuesday November 15th 7PM Central Christian College McPHEARSON, KS

Sunday, November 20th 12th & Porter w/ Aron Wright 7PM

Nashville, TN