Centiennal Park Show This Saturday

This Saturday, July 24th  I am happy to be apart of a community building, music gathering happening here in Nashville, TN. Through the ardent efforts of several local music industry professionals, musicians, and appreciators the new found Musicians Corner is happening every Saturday from 3PM - 6PM in Nashville's own Centennial park to feature a diverse grouping of quality music. Modeling much after Hyde Park's Speakers Corner* in London, our city is offering a similar feel uniquely offering songs. This week I will be playing with other local artist and bands such as  Justin Branam, Slow Motion Centerfold, Justin Kalk Orchestra, Keegan Dewitt, Roman Candle and more. You never know who just might show up. I'll be talking more about it on NBC's Better Nashville show Thursday at 12PM,  as well as talking live on Nashville own Lightning100 with Justin Branam on  Friday at 1PM. Here is what others are saying about it:


Amy & Trent