Celebrating 30 Wells & Counting with Free Exclusive Music

Mocha Club and Amy Stroup are partnering together to provide clean water to communities in Africa. With just $7 a month, Mocha Club members have helped fund the drilling of thirty wells in the Jach area of Sudan. As Amy’s team continues to grow, more wells are dug in villages for refugees who currently drink from dirty mud puddles. Each well provides water for approximately 1,000 people.  ( YUP THAT's aprox 30,000+) with clean water access now, because of you guys! Simply as a thank you for your support, Amy has a free song for you. No strings attached. If you'd like to join us in helping give clean water, click here.

If you've been apart of the Mocha Club Family...click here to get your free song.

Connecting your love of music with your love of Africa. It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you for your support and giving!

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