2016 Memories + Thanks

Last year about this time my band Sugar + The Hi-Lows was rehearsing to open for Chris Stapleton and Kings of Leon to bring in the New Year in Nashville, TN in front of 150,000 people. I don’t know if I’ve ever been in a single space with that many people and surely started 2016 on quite the high. The year didn’t stop there. Here are the top 10 highlights...

1.    Moving into a new Milkglass HQ. After 6 years as a creative             
    company, Milkglass moved into our very own new studio late         
    this summer. I can’t believe that it really happened!

2.     Writing for a new 2017 Amy Stroup record. We’ve got one             
    single in the queue ready to come out, and more to follow.
    Can’t wait to share them all!

3.     Performing “Stranger” at the Americana Music Festival with             
    Sugar + The Hi-Lows – singing “The Pearl” with Emmylou             
    Harris, John Paul White, and more.

4.     My latest single “In The Shadows” was featured on the
    Marvel Comics Daredeviltrailer

5.     Collaborating and writing with rapper chief waKiL in
    Los Angeles epecially for a rap version of “Radar” by
    Danger Twins

6.     Sugar + The Hi-Lows touring with Kacey Musgraves.
    We saw the world with her and it was beautiful.

7.     Collaborating with producer Ruslan to release a latin project             
    called “Bandido” by Oro Mara. You have to check it out!

8.     “Silent Night” by Sugar + The Hi-Lows featured on the             
    Spotify Christmas Cocktail playlist. Go listen!

9.     My nephew Lincoln texting me that he heard “Like a                 
    Champion” by Danger Twins while watching a Texas football         
    game on ESPN
10.     The continued support of my lovely fans. You guys have             
    made it possible for me to do what I love for another year,
    and for that I am truly grateful!