Artist: Amy Stroup

Writers: Andrew Simple + Amy Stroup 



What happens in the shadows

No one has to know 

The truth is in the gallows

It’ll burn but it won’t go 


A whisper in the darkness

In the quiet it’ll grow 

you can try to hide it in the farthest place 

But everybody knows 


Something in the Shadows

Cuts you like an arrow

Shifting through the dark

Strength in your weakness

This Fire is in your blood

Hanging on to that hope

I know that you know ( everybody knows) 

There’s something in the Shadows


It finds you in a cold room 

Silhouette against the wall

Lit by the white moon 

We’ll out run the dawn 


You can the faces

But you don’t know there thoughts

You can feel the traces 

Chalk lines on my heart

In the Shadows lyrics