ARTIST: Amy Stroup

WRITERS: Amy Stroup + Trent Dabbs


I got a secret

I got a tell you

We're gonna make it   

Just let me show you how calm down

Little reminder, everything’s fine yea

Why the sad look love

You look better smiling oh So listen good


Pre Chorus:

I got a feeling what ya need is




Chin up boy chin up boy

Yeah you are the one I love, the one

Chin up boy chin up boy 

Yeah you are the one I love the one

So live a little let go




Don't listen to them

Get in your head and

Say everything you

Don't need to hear about

Push them out

You're feeling down now

You know i can tell cause

Your off in your own world

Picturing something blue

I'm missin you





Take this kiss forget about the rest of it

Watch it fade out in time

Gonna be fine